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10 Hour Starter Package (2)

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Are you ready to take the wheel and embark on an exciting journey towards becoming a confident and skilled driver? Look no further than BDS London! We understand that learning to drive is a significant milestone, and we're dedicated to making it accessible and convenient for you.

Why Choose Our 10-Hour Starter Package?

✅ Customised Learning: We understand that every learner is unique. Our lessons are customised to match your learning style and pace, ensuring that you receive the instruction that suits you best.

✅ Convenience: We know that flexibility is crucial when learning to drive. That's why our package allows you to progress at your own pace. Whether you're a fast learner or need more time, our lessons are tailored to suit your unique needs.

✅ Expert Instructors: Our team of certified instructors brings years of experience and a passion for teaching. You'll receive expert guidance and support every step of the way.

✅ Solid Foundation: Our starter package is designed to provide you with a rock-solid foundation to kickstart your driving journey. With 6 hours of personalised lessons, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of driving.

✅ Proven Success: BDS London is proud of its track record of successful driving test passes and satisfied students. Join our ranks of accomplished drivers!

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Upgrade Your Course as You Go! 

We get it – everyone's learning journey is different. That's why we offer you the freedom to add extra hours whenever you feel ready. Whether you need more practice or want to hone specific skills, we're here to accommodate your needs. Your course can be easily upgraded as you progress, ensuring you get the most out of your lessons. 

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Take advantage of our 10-hour starter package today, and kickstart your driving journey with confidence. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – invest in your future as a skilled driver with BDS London.

"Best driving school ever! You are assisted and supposed throughout the whole process of learning to drive and passing your driving test. Highly recommended"
~ Chan Yoyo

"Amazing support and did their absolute best to book my practical and theory test as early as possibly. Provided me with all the resources to pass everything!"
~ Tatenda Mhlanga

"Excellent service with quick responses"
~ Max Ege

"I had the most amazing experience with BDS London, very handy and extremely reliable. Got me a test within 2/3 weeks, also provided an instructor, so helpful! so kind and motivational, I highly recommend BDS London, 10/10! Thank you!"
~ Charlotte Abbott

"Top notch service….cutting edge instructors who prepares you to pass both theory and practical test. I would strongly recommend. They helped me passed my test at one sitting🤭"
~ Samuel Igbinosa

Ready to get started? Your journey to becoming a skilled and confident driver begins here!

Choose the option that best suits you, follow the quick and easy steps and expect contact from your dedicated client manager to get you on the road. 

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**Terms and Conditions Apply

Book a 10 Hour Starter Package WITHOUT Theory

1 Instalment at £692.63

Book a 10 Hour Starter Package WITHOUT Theory

2 Instalments Option at £351.32 Now and £351.31 Later

Book a 10 Hour Starter Package WITH Theory

1 Instalment at £738.43

Book a 10 Hour Starter Package WITH Theory

2 Instalments Option at £374.22 Now and £374.21 Later

Terms and Conditions

  1. Additional Terms and Conditions: These terms and conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions of Best Driving School London.
  2. Conflict Resolution: In case of a conflict between these specific terms and the general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of Best Driving School London will take precedence.
  3. 10-Hour Starter Pack: This section outlines the details of the 10-hour starter pack, which is offered in two variations: one with theory and one without theory test booking.

10 Hour without theory: This package includes:

  • 6 hours of driving lessons.
  • 4 hours allocated for test pre-drive lessons and test car use.
  • Booking of 1 normal, weekday practical test.


10 Hour with theory: This package includes:

  •    1 theory test booking.
  • 6 hours of driving lessons.
  • 4 hours allocated for test pre-drive lessons and test car use.
  • Booking of 1 normal, weekday practical test.


  1. Additional Lessons: Clients have the option to book additional lessons if needed. The cost of these additional lessons will be charged at the general rates specified by Best Driving School London.


  1. Weekday vs. Weekend Practical Test: The quotes provided are based on the assumption of booking a weekday practical test, the current DVLA weekday test fee is £62. If the client requires or confirms a weekend test, they will be responsible for paying the additional DVLA fee, which is currently £13.


  1. General Terms and Conditions: The document emphasises that Best Driving School London's general terms and conditions hold precedence. Clients are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the general lessons and test cancellation procedure, which is detailed in the general terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions provide clarity on the specific offers and policies related to the 10-hour starter pack, while also reminding clients of the overarching general terms and conditions that apply to their engagement with Best Driving School London. Clients are advised to review both sets of terms to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities.