Setting the Tone; “Show Me Tell Me Questions”

The Critical Importance of Show Me Tell Me Questions in Your Driving Test

When it comes to the UK driving test, first impressions matter significantly. The "Show Me Tell Me" questions represent the very first interaction you'll have with your driving examiner. It's not just a test of your theoretical knowledge; it's a clear indicator of your dedication, respect for the process, and preparedness for the responsibility of driving. A thorough and comprehensive understanding of these questions is paramount, and here's why.

Setting the Tone for Your Test

Imagine beginning your test, and the first question the examiner asks is how to demist your car's windows. If you hesitate or can't answer, you're not just missing a point - you're making a statement about your preparation. This first interaction sets the tone for the rest of your examination. Demonstrating a deep understanding right from the start shows the examiner that you are a serious candidate who has taken the time to study and respect the rules of the road.

A Reflection of Your Attitude Towards Driving

Being well-prepared for "Show Me Tell Me" questions goes beyond just passing the test; it reflects your attitude towards driving as a whole. Knowledge of vehicle safety checks and maintenance procedures signifies a driver who values safety, not just for themselves but for all road users. This level of diligence and respect is what examiners look for - it indicates a responsible and conscientious driver.

The Consequences of Unpreparedness

While failing to answer a "Show Me Tell Me" question correctly may not directly result in a test fail, it can lead to a negative outcome. For instance, if asked how to demist the windows and you're unable to respond, this could pose a real safety risk, prompting the examiner to conclude the test then and there. Such scenarios underscore the importance of being well-prepared, not only to pass the test but to ensure the safety of your driving in various conditions.


Your initial response to the "Show Me Tell Me" questions can significantly influence the rest of your driving test. It's your first opportunity to demonstrate respect, seriousness, and a thorough understanding of what it means to be a driver. As such, dedicating time to study and internalize these questions is not just about passing your test; it's about setting a foundation for safe and responsible driving for life.